China's Plastic Mold Restrictions

- May 26, 2019-

At present, the development of China's mold industry is slow, because the automobile mold has entered the stage of specialization and standardization due to the standardization of molds.

In fact, a good market needs to rely on product support. For the growth of the market, it is necessary to continuously innovate products and continue to cater to the market. Then the development of the slope protection mold is relatively stable, but it is necessary to better improve the market. In addition to the efforts of enterprises, it is even more necessary for the support of the state. The problem that China's molds face difficulties in export is mainly caused by the quality of products and the unity of products. The bad competition between enterprises is also increasing year by year, because the quality of the mold is somewhat reduced due to competition. In addition to the quality of the model compared to the past, the quality of more plastic models can only be considered as low capacity. At the same time, it is also subject to the overall quality of the enterprise management innovation level, but also needs to be improved. Most employees of mold companies in Germany and Japan are university graduates or specially trained. At least 10 years of work experience, the proportion of technicians in mold companies is very high, most companies are above 25%, some are above 50%. Many employees of enterprises can often exchange technology and production positions. Therefore, there are some problems in the process of producing plastic molds, and we are constantly looking for them.