The Consequences Of Plastic Mold Trapping

- May 20, 2019-

Plastic molds are trapped, which can have adverse effects on the quality of plastic products and the entire injection molding process.

1. The quality of plastic products will cause a lot of influences, and defects such as flow marks, gas lines and weld lines will be formed on the surface of the products.

2. The injection molding process is difficult, and it is easy to form a partial edge. The gas cannot be discharged in time, and the injection pressure will be increased, resulting in insufficient cavity mold clamping to form a flash.

3. When the melt is filled, the gas in the plastic mold is compressed to generate high temperature, which is likely to cause local carbonization and charring of the plastic product.

4. The gas is entrained by the injection melt to form bubbles, which leads to loose structure of the plastic products, reduced strength, and affects the quality of the plastic parts.

5. The trapped gas will make the internal residual stress of the plastic product high, and it is easy to form a weld line, which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the trace of the weld.

6. The gas cannot be discharged in time, which will reduce the melt filling speed and form a longer molding cycle.

Due to the consequences of the trapped air, the injection molding problem can only be solved by improving the exhaust system, and it cannot be solved by adjusting the injection molding parameters.