What Types Of Plastic Molds Can Be Generally Divided Into?

- Mar 16, 2019-

Plastic molds Generally speaking, a set of molds is divided into: mold structure, formed parts, casting system, cooling system, ejection system, and exhaust system.

Mold structure — the formwork is used to hold the formed part. Shaped parts — parts that are used to form articles, such as molds, inserts, sliders, and so on.

Casting system — A part of the flow path and machine mouth that enters the mold for plastic. Cooling system — is used to control mold temperature. It is the waterway on the mold or other facilities used for cooling. In general, there should be waterways on the mold or on the template. "

Ejection system — refers to the mechanism and parts used to eject the product, such as a thimble.

Exhaust system — used to expel air from the mold cavity during forming to avoid air bubbles and filling dissatisfaction during forming.